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Many of our expeditions take place in the developing world where the limitation of facilities and infrastructures can make travel unpredictable and the cultural differences can lead to inconsistency in standards. You must be ready for the unexpected. For those who want to travel and enjoy their expedition, it is very important to set your expectations on the right level for a less economically developed country. It is important to leave behind Western expectations and approach travel with an open mind, patience and flexibility. The expedition leaders of each trip will be working hard to overcome problems should they occur and try to ensure that it's standard of services are maintained. You should however be aware that some events are beyond our control and we would ask for your patience.

Regarding terrorism, war activity and similar events we constantly monitor the political situation in the regions we visit and we would have no hesitation in re-routing or cancelling a trip if we felt there was a need. If you are concerned about a destination or about your safety call the Foreign Office or appropriate Embassy and ask their advice.

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Foreign Office - Know Before You Go

The Foreign Office
'Know Before You Go'

British nationals make over 60 million overseas trips each year. Know Before You Go is a Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) campaign that aims to help travellers have a safe and enjoyable holiday by encouraging them to be better prepared before going overseas. Our key messages are: take out appropriate travel insurance, ensure you have taken suitable medical precautions and read FCO Travel Advice before your trip!

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