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Frequently Asked Questions
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General Questions

How Fit Do I Need To Be?
A high level of fitness is not required on most of our trips, but the fitter you are the more you will enjoy it. Many of the people who come rafting and kayaking with us do limited exercise, so you do not need to be an athlete! If you are joining one of our climbing/trekking peak trips then it is worth noting that some of these are very difficult trips and are physically demanding, so a good level of fitness is required here. All clients should be aware of the effects of altitude on performance before taking part in these trips.

What If I Get Sick Or Hurt?
Due to the nature of our trips you do often find yourself in remote areas. However all of our staff are trained professionals with many years of experience, and have safety at the forefront of their minds. In the very unlikely event of an accident, at least one guide is a trained E.M.T. (Emergency Medical Technician) and is prepared to deal with all sorts of medical situations. Furthermore all river guides are also trained Swiftwater Rescue Technicians. We carry comprehensive first aid kits so we have the technology to deal with ailments from headaches to bellyaches to general first aid. All river trips where necessary have a satellite telephone so even though you may be in a remote valley, in the unlikely event you get hurt or fall ill we have the ability to evacuate you.

What Kind Of Food Do We Eat?
The guides are true chefs and put me to shame! You’ll be amazed at what can be created over an open fire - Marinated steak, garlic bread, popcorn, spaghetti bolognese, and a variety of fresh salads, pizzas and omelettes - a scrumptious feast! We also make use of ingredients that are produced locally and synonymous with the area that we are exploring. This makes sense as the food will always be fresh and allows you to share in the cultural environment.

I Am A Veggie - Is That A Problem?
No that is absolutely fine! We cater quite happily for a variety of dietary preferences should you be a vegetarian or meat-eater or suffer from any food allergies. You’ll be amazed at what the guides can produce and it is no problem at all.

What Equipment is Provided?
Whitewater Trips: All your paddling kit is included - buoyancy aids, helmets, sprayjacket, wetsuits and spraydecks. For kayakers we have a range of boats from Dagger Redlines to Pyranha 240 Inazones. Please give us a preference and we will do our best to fill your request. Alternatively you are welcome to bring your own boat - just let us know. Tents are included so just bring your bag!
Mountain Bikers: Highly specced and suspended Commencal Bikes are available to rent from aprox £12 per day.
Trekkers/Climbers: All your equipment is provided just bring your personal walking wear.

How Many People Might Be On My Trip?
We prefer to keep our trips on the smaller side allowing us to have less impact on the environment and cultural habitat. It also helps everyone to get to know each other easier. On our kayaking and rafting trips we try to average around 10 people although we can run them with a minimum of 6 people to a maximum of 16.
On our mountain biking trips group size can be from 2 to 12 people.
On our trekking trips, group size can be from 2 to 10 people.
On our climbing trips group size can be from 2 to 6 people.

And If I Want To Come On My Own?
No problem! Many people join us as singles (there are no single supplements) and there is usually an even mix of men and women. Our clients come from all walks of life and getting to know them can sometimes be just as interesting as the trip itself!

Can 'Townies' Come Too?
Even if you have never camped before you will soon find the experience of sleeping under the stars on an expansive white sanded beach, listening to the flow of the river rather soothing and before you know it those withdrawal symptoms of not being on the tube or in rush hour will have gone! Our trips are entirely self sufficient and we provide top quality camping gear, ensuring that you will be as comfortable as possible.

Can We Get A Video Of Our Trip?
We try to shoot video on all trips and this will be available for purchase if you wish.

How Much Extra Money Will I Need?
All our trips are great value. The only money you will need is for the odd meal that is not included in the trip (see trip itinerary for details), any alcohol you consume on the trip, and any personal spending money you wish to part with before or after the trip.

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Kayaking Related Questions

Am I Kayaking All Day?
Not at all. Time in a kayak varies with which trip you go on and how energetic you are feeling! But in general expect to spend 4 - 5 hours a day paddling and the rest of the time, eating, telling vastly exaggerated stories and drinking tea!!! However we never forget that you are on holiday so we do take it easy. We always start the day with a leisurely breakfast then off we go for 2 or so hours before we paddle into no doubt some breathtaking spot for lunch, or a wicked play hole! The afternoon passes by with another 2 - 3 hours before we arrive at camp in the early afternoon. There is always the opportunity to stop at points of interests or just to slow the trip down if we see a great wave. It's up to you.... it is your holiday!

How Fit Do I Need To Be?
A high level of fitness is not required on most of our trips, but the fitter you are the more you will enjoy it. In fact, many people who come rafting/kayaking with us tell us that they count the daily trip to the coffee machine in their office as exercise so no you do not need to be an athlete!

What Equipment is Provided?
We have all your paddling equipment included, however you are welcome to bring your own kit as well. We have a range of boats from Dagger Redlines to Pyranha 240 Inazones. Please give us a preference and we will do our best to fill your request. All buoyancy aids, helmets, sprayjacket, wetsuits and spraydecks are included. All tents and camping equipment (excluding sleeping bag).

OK, Just How Dangerous Is It?
Kayaking like any adventure sports has an inherent risk involved which we do our best to minimize. You will be under the guidance of some of the world's most experienced river people. Oh and you will also be outfitted in the best in safety equipment. On every trip we have a safety kayaker and support vehicle. These guys are great paddlers, who love their jobs!

Weather-wise, Just What Should I Expect?
Due to our intense displeasure in kayaking in the cold we have chosen countries with more tropical climates! With temperatures usually ranging between 20 - 40 centigrade, your biggest problem will not be how to stay warm but how to stop getting sunburn! Our individual information packs about the countries offers full advice on what to expect with regard to the weather and just what to bring.

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Sea Kayaking Related Questions

Sea kayaking. What's it like?
Sea kayaking is a great way to explore the world. It's easy to learn, environmentally-friendly, and does not require months of training and superior strength. Sea kayaking is good for the body and mind.

Is it easy to learn?
No prior experience is necessary. As long as you are in good health and have a sense of adventure, you will quickly master the skills needed to paddle and steer your kayak.
Our experienced guides will give an introductory lesson at the beginning of the journey and will be there to help and keep everyone happy and safe throughout. Our motorised support boat is available to carry luggage, supplies and weary kayakers. You paddle as much or as little as you choose.

Would the expedition be too hard/easy for me?
AdventureX offers a range of itineraries so people can choose the expedition that's right for their level of fitness and experience.
On the Kadavu Classic and Family Journeys, the distances paddled each day are not huge, (3-4 hours), suitable for new-comers to sea kayaking, with optional side-trips available for the keen ones.
The Kadavu Extreme is a very challenging attempt to circumnavigate the entire Kadavu Island – so a good fitness level is required.

Is it safe?
It is safe. The Great Astrolabe Reef encircles the islands of the Kadavu group, and protects the land and lagoons within the reef from the ocean swell. This creates an ideal environment for sea kayaking.
The sea kayaks used in Kadavu are sleek and very stable, and all are equipped with the usual safety features. Our guides have kayaked, worked and adventured in wild places for many years, and are skilled in risk management and emergency medical care.
Fiji does have destructive cyclones occasionally, but usually in the period January till March. AdventureX Expeditions take place outside of these months when the weather is more settled.

Do I need to be able to swim?
No. In the very unlikely event that your sea kayak should capsize, you will easily exit the boat and your high-buoyancy life-jacket will keep you afloat. Even snorkelling is possible for non-swimmers, with the help of your guide and your life-jacket.

What's our group size?
We keep our groups small, a maximum of 14 on each, to minimise our impact on the places we pass through, and to maximise our enjoyment of each day.

Are the sea kayaks singles or doubles?
We use double sea kayaks, which means you will be paddling with another person. You may like to book with a friend and paddle together, or you may be happy to get to know your fellow travellers by sea kayaking with them.

What about the sleeping arrangements?
In the resorts group members sleep in double or twin-share rooms. These rooms are often styled on traditional Fijian thatched houses. The rooms in general are simple, clean and comfortable and without extras such as air-conditioning, telephone and mains electricity.
Sometimes, due to the small scale of the resorts in Kadavu, it is necessary for some group members to share larger 3 or 4 person rooms.
Single rooms and/or rooms with en-suites are sometimes available at the resorts. Contact AdventureX for more information. Many of our expeditions stop overnight in Naqara village. Naqara has built 4 houses specifically for our expedition groups. These houses and the shared bathroom facilities in the village are very much local-style, so come with a sense of adventure.

Is Scuba-diving possible?
The snorkelling and scuba-diving around Kadavu is world-class, and highly recommended. Snorkelling equipment and instruction is included in the expedition price. Some of the Kadavu resorts visited by AdventureX have certified scuba-dive operations and rental equipment is available – see our Matava extension.

Apart from the Sea kayaking, Snorkelling and Scuba-diving, what else is there to do?
Where do we start? There's lying in hammocks, reading books, going fishing, trekking into the hills, swimming under waterfalls, beach-combing, meeting the locals, learning about the forests, bird-watching, taking photos, exploring, playing beach-volleyball and coconut petanque, dining with friends, sharing stories, watching the sun set, playing guitars, gazing at stars, sleeping soundly.... Need we say more - You'll love it!

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